Moving forward, and Co-ops

Small piece of news:  we have engaged the services of a highly-recommended co-op developer, who thinks that we can have things sorted enough to actually move forward Very Soon.  Meetings are going well, and everything that we learn about co-operatives suggests that this mode of business would require very little contorting to shape into the kind of thing that would work for us.  We were initially going to go with a corporate model, but after speaking with some folks that are familiar with co-ops it looked like we’d be contorting a corporate entity into something very like a co-op.  It made sense to start out with an organizational model that was closer to our desired end point.  A corporate model is very flexible, but we don’t think we’ll need all those options.

We have a name:  Cast Iron Farm Co-operative.

And now, to finish up work on those last few hard bits, for which we appear to have needed a deadline.



8 thoughts on “Moving forward, and Co-ops”

    1. Thanks! Lots of people told us that naming is one of the hardest parts, and it did take a long time, but we think it’s a good one. Luckily, we have a few names to pick, so we can make a nod to everyone’s favourites.

    1. Thanks! We love cast iron pots, hereabouts, and think it’s a good symbol for Things That Work, instead of Things Try To Fulfil The Same Function As Things That Work, But Are Just Techy Junk.

  1. Haven’t seen Scott for many many years. I’m thinking he’s the guy at the end of the table for the signing. Looking like Gord,I’m thinking. Was going to ask about the naming…saw it after. Good Luck to all and Cheers.

  2. Congrats on the progress to finalize ownership in time for spring plant arrangements. Excellent time to view the lay of the land and plan on where to grow what. Wishing you all a wonderful experience and great times.

  3. The pics for On the Home Stretch and Lurching Along have me on the right side, with the white bushy beard. Not silver on top yet like dad, but probably soon enough!

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