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Packing everything into storage was an interesting exercise.  At first, the plan was that there was going to be one container full of short-term items, and another with long-term items in it, but in the rush to get houses ready for sale and containers off to the yard everything ended up getting all higgledy-piggledy.  We all had what we needed for about a month of camping, but beyond that time-frame we needed to repack 40 feet of jam-packed shipping container in a more rational and useful fashion.

Once we were into our first month in Sooke, with our containers still on the mainland, several of us mentioned independently that, though it would be horrible to lose some of the things we’d stored, it would be very liberating if the entire thing just fell into the ocean.  We were living like snails, with everything we needed for life on our backs, and it was sweet.

Now that we have moved our containers to Sydney, and have access to them again, we are unloading all the precious things that we’d missed over the summer, and some that we didn’t know that we’d missed until we’d seen them again.

I wonder what would have happened, if our stuff had disappeared.  We’d probably have mourned some of it, in stages, as we remembered of its existence.  What would we have felt relief about no longer being obliged to carry around?  We still have two containers almost full of stuff, but we have furnished a whole house with barely a dint in each container.  I wonder what’s still in there, and is there any of it that we actually need?

3 thoughts on “On Stuff”

  1. It’s such a treat to read about your adventure! I look forward to reading more about this process and the excitement that is sure to come when you find that piece of land…or does it find you?

  2. I will admit to thinking sometimes about what would happen if we have a fire or the big earthquake: What would I really miss, and what would be a kind of relief to lose?

    Thanks for installing the “follow” button! I’m looking forward to hearing more about your adventures.

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