On Cleaning Day, We Do That.

Saturday is cleaning day, which is a Vast Improvement over the previous state of affairs, where the person that was the most grossed out by a tiny hint of bathroom-mung was the one that cleaned the bathroom.  Instead, we get together for about 2 hours on Saturday morning, play music (today, some kind of early-90s mix including House of Pain, which was strongly reminiscent of Much Music Dance Parties in Junior High), pick one of a number of different jobs, and CLEAN.

It works pretty well.  I think that everyone cleans a bit more thoroughly than they would have otherwise, because we each know that we only have to do it for a specific period of time, and when we’re done the rest of the house will be cleaned, too.   The kids participate, mostly, and we all get that nice feeling of having worked together to accomplish something.

This week, I picked Laundry/Sheets/Etc, which meant that I had to find things to do in between loads of laundry, which is how I found myself washing the cord of the laundry spinner.  A laundry spinner is a miraculous device that removes excess water from the laundry by spinning it at a much higher velocity than a washing machine is able to do.  It does not function better if its cord is washed, and the cleanliness of the room is not significantly enhanced, if the cord is washed.  I am not the kind of person that walks into the room, and notices if any given power cable is a bit dirty.. or even if the room is dirty, really.  But such is the power of Cleaning Day, that even the power cords get washed.  One does more than one would otherwise do, because everyone is pitching in.

It’s a beautiful thing.

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  1. Hi Erin

    Congratulations on the blog 🙂

    Wanted to share that when I worked/lived at the Caravan Farm Theatre we would have a once a week community clean up…we called it ‘commy’ clean -up and it would include both indoors and out (mind you there were about 25 – 35 people). We would do it on a Sunday mornings and then after we finished we would all have a giant brunch together ( there were hired cooks!). It was a great way to get everything clean, get to spend time with others…and then celebrate together with good food!
    Lv Mx

    1. “Commy clean-up”! I like the sound of that. On our calender, it’s “Clean-Xor, Son of Zuul!!”, but I think that shows our geekiness more than our comminess.

  2. I just read your blogs with Daniel and enjoyed them thoroughly. I loved the part about cleaning day and said we should try that! His response was “I don’t want to clean power cords”. Lol That provided a good laugh. Oh now he’s changing his story as I write this and he reads it; he now wants to clean the cords because at least he “is working with electrical which is what he likes to do”. I am particularly excited that you chose a milieu that is so close to my parents house. It will be nice to visit when we make our way over to the Island. Keep the blogs coming! Miss you lots.


    1. Miss you too! Once we have a more permanent arrangement, we’d love to have visitors..? We’ll have camping space available, for sure!

  3. Checking in late, but … laundry spinner? to “remove excess water from the laundry by spinning it at a much higher velocity than a washing machine is able to do.”
    Is that a floor model appliance for homes or something similar to what I used to use once-upon-a-time at a laundromat? Or are you referring to a hack of a salad spinner – which is truly wonderful when extracting water from a hand-washable sweater? or other hand-washed special item? Which is all part of air- or line-drying to reduce electrically-aided drying, so yay for your extra step and efforts.

    1. Here’s a link to the one I bought. I’ve had it for years, and it reduces drying time significantly when one is using a top-loading washer or handwashing. In our rental house we have a front-loading washer that is far better at removing water than a top-loader; I get about half as much water out with the spinner as I used to with the older washer. It needs to be carefully balanced, though, otherwise it clanks and lurches across the floor. Definitely worth doing if you have a top-loading washer, as dryers are one of the most energy-intensive appliances people use.

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