It’s All Ours!

What is ours? 2385 Phillips Road, Sooke, BC.


You can use the CRD Atlas viewer (<-here) to check it out. On the left side, under the ruler is the World icon, which you can use to do a Search for a street address. Our 11.96 acres are east of Philips, and both north of Shambook Drive (3 acres) and south of Shambrook drive (the rest of it).


OK, so we might have to share a bit with dog walkers from time to time, but the paperwork is complete, and we have the key to the shared gate at the start of Shambook Drive.joshapr 041

Which of course, moves us onto the next phase. Building!

But wait! Build what? Where? And what do we start with first?

Will it be a tool shed that we can get power to, so we can run tools? Do we make use of the two structures already present? Or perhaps an outhouse like the one pictured below?  It will take time before we can hook up to the city, after all.

Outhouse westpeak-wood

What about the storage containers? Are they too ugly to have them be visible from the road? Or do we put them where we are most likely to be doing work projects, and have them convenient? We can always move them again later after all.Big Steel Box

Clearly, decisions need to be made. Stay tuned, and find out what choices we made!



8 thoughts on “It’s All Ours!”

  1. Thought of you – saw two containers positioned far enough apart so that a roof could be added – they were using proper trusses – thought it might be a good idea for you with an outdoor covered area for building/working/sitting exhausted at the end of the day?

    1. We’ve actually been considering that! Good to know that someone else also thinks it’s a good idea.

  2. Ellen, we spaced them 16 feet apart so we could do just that! With enough slope for some solar panels.

    D, yes, earthship tiered layers, no on the tires rammed with earth. That takes too long, and is way labour intensive. Post and beam, with infill, either haybale style or cob, or a mix of the two.

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